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Spiders can hide under

water for 30 minutes

A large tropical spider species (trechalea axtensa) is able to hide under

water in the face of danger.



Sharks need sleep too



4 of the 5 species of saw rays in the world exist in Indonesia.

Unfortunately, the exploitation and use of environmentally unfriendly fishing gear makes this ray an endangered species.



If Indonesia has beautiful and beautiful outer islands.

Hello sea scout friends. Good morning, hehe. Have a great activity. Have a nice day.



Global warming triggers bleaching

75 percent of the world's coral reefs.

The increasing temperature of the earth causes many marine animals, including reefs

coral, dead.



Do you think the shark will get lost because of using google maps?



That flying fish is true. Ets doesn't mean the fish can fly, hehe. But only to fly.



Do you think the shark will get lost because of using google maps?