About Sea Scouts

On April 1 2018, we launched Pandu Laut Nusantara in Pangandaran. Three months

then,  15 July 2018 we declared this community in Jakarta.


Pandu Laut Nusantara, a community of people who believe in and want the sea

The future of the nation is not just a slogan. We are not affiliated with any political party,

ethnicity, belief. Open to anyone who voluntarily and has

mutual awareness of protecting and caring for Indonesian seas.


We hope that small movements, education, campaigns, and even small actions can have a big impact in the future. We pay attention to damaged marine ecosystems through mangrove conservation actions to beach clean-up actions.


We hope that the threat of extinction of marine biota can be anticipated by the re-release of endangered species. Hopefully the boat-sharing action can raise the welfare of small fishermen a little.


Sea Scouts are the eyes, ears and voice of the sea. Support our small steps

dan  join as Indonesian ocean guide.



Susi Pudjiastuti

Founder and CEO of Pandu Laut Nusantara


Susi Pudjiastuti

Founder and CEO of Pandu Laut Nusantara

Susi founded Pandu Laut Nusantara in mid-2018. In August 2020, Susi directly led Pandu Laut as General Chair/CEO.


The story of Susi and the sea began almost 40 years ago. Susi started as a fish collector in 1983 in Pangandaran.


The business, which was originally only selling fish by bicycle, developed into a fish processing factory PT ASI Pudjiastuti Marine Product in 1996.


In 2014, Susi was entrusted with the role of Minister of Maritime Affairs and Fisheries in the Working Indonesian Cabinet of Joko Widodo and Jusuf Kalla. He is famous for the jargon of drowning. During his tenure, a total of 558 fishing vessels were sunk, mainly foreign vessels.


Susi also prohibits the use of fishing gears that damage the environment, such as cantrang, drag nets and drag nets. The export of lobster seeds was also not allowed in the Susi Pudjiastuti era. These policies have received appreciation and awards at national and international levels.


Pandu Laut Nusantara is a forum initiated by Susi to continue campaigning for the sea as the nation's future. Clean sea campaigns from plastic waste, mangrove conservation activities, saving rare biota, to ship-sharing actions are a number of programs carried out by Susi together with Pandu Laut Nusantara.


Susi Pudjiastuti

Founder and CEO of Pandu Laut Nusantara



Pandu Laut Nusantara's support comes from Ms. Susi Pudjiastuti, companies, and individuals from various cities in Indonesia. Pandu Laut Nusantara benefits not only from contributions in the form of cash, but also from the contribution of goods and services. Pandu Laut Nusantara is also open to accepting cash contributions, goods and services from foundations, organizations and individuals outside Indonesia.


Please contact Pandu Laut Nusantara at the address below for information regarding contributing to Pandu Laut Nusantara.


Archipelago Sea Scouts



Archipelago Sea Scouts



Pandu Laut Nusantara welcomes the support of entertainers and influencers who want to increase awareness and financial resources for marine conservation. Whether it's advocating to protect the ocean and rare biota or participating in a campaign to stop using single-use plastic, celebrities are making a big impact and helping Pandu Laut Nusantara achieve policy victories that restore ocean health and abundance.


For more information about the celebrity supporters of Pandu Laut Nusantara, please contact Mayang.